Questions and answers

There are several questions that arise when purchasing or renting property, and we look for a competent and prompt answer to these.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a company flat or student housing, a privately owned home or flat, or a house for renting or buying.

Customers can save a lot of time while searching if they opt for a recommendation or professional search by a real estate agent.

Several services concerning property search are offered so that the customers do not have to be on the constant lookout for new offers and spend a lot of time looking for a flat or house.

Determining their own criteria and searching for a property themselves is just one option.

If you use the search service and agree to receive information about interesting offers via e-mail or telephone; you will not have to wait very long for your dream home, and can spend your time doing other things.

The most frequently asked questions regarding the service concerning the search for accommodation, a flat, a short-term rental, and the relocation service are answered here.

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